Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beach Project: Week 1

I'm going to have to make this fast, but I figured I would post a little something about this past week. Everything has gone really well so far, even though it didn't seem like it would. I came in $300 short and was told that job hunting would be tough. However our room situation has worked out great, we were able to find a decent job pretty quick, and Lord willing the money is going to hold for now. My room and one other got a job at a Sonic in Destin and we worked our first day Friday. The place is pretty lost without the Lord, but I feel like the guys and girls we've brought will have a huge impact. The environment here is the best I have been around in terms of college students coming with hearts ready to learn about and serve the Lord and that has pushed me to try and emulate Him as best I can. I would ask that anyone reading this please pray for those that haven't gotten jobs yet so that they can place their faith in God and know that whatever happens it will be in accordance with His will. I'll have more information up soon, but I hope everyone is doing well and Lord willing I will see you all in August. Peace and love in Christ.