Monday, May 31, 2010

Huntsvegas & the hours before SBP

I like going to Huntsville, it brings me peace. My aunt and uncle don't really make me do anything and I'm quite fond of that. It's good and bad I think. I probably shouldn't be so lazy, but its also a great way to see how God works without me. God doesn't stop when I'm here and its good to be reminded that the kingdom of Heaven does not rest on any man's shoulders.

Beach project is tomorrow, and I think I'm ready for it. I need that accountability again. Not really sure how I'm going to survive this first week though, haha. Still about $300 short of what I need, but I suppose that's what faith is for. It's bad to think this way, but I've been wondering if SBP is going to be like a blockbuster movie. Everybody hypes it up for so long that when you see it you're disappointed. Its just something I have to experience and until then I need faith in God to hold my curiosity.

Well guys unless you're going to be at SBP, I probably won't talk to you again until August. Hopefully I'll post the happenings of the beach once a week, but since I'm never really good with keeping in touch that might not work out, haha. Peace and love guys, keep the faith and I'll see most of you in August.

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  1. uncle keith is offended you didnt mention his legendary chicken cutlets.

    p.s. thats what is for dinner tonight :P